Jeffrey Z. Slavin


Jeffery’s passion is to meet people and connect them with their passions through volunteer opportunities. His knowledge of Montgomery County, the people who live and work there, the, as yet, unmet needs and the future possibilities are well known to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. A licensed real estate broker since 1983, and the owner of a property management company, he is a dedicated community activist, philanthropist, businessman and believes strongly in social justice. Giving back to the community motivates Jeffrey to make connections each and every day–connections that strengthen the community through giving, growing and organizing.

A graduate of Tufts University, Georgetown University Law Center, and the State and Local Government Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School, he is currently serving as the Mayor of the Town of Somerset, Co-Director of the Sanford and Doris Slavin Foundation, Third Vice Chair of the Democratic Party and President of the Montgomery County Media Board of Directors. His vast expertise and affiliations help Jeffrey fulfill his dream of giving back to his hometown. He is tireless in his efforts to make life better for those in need.

A wide range of civic and professional responsibilities provide him countless opportunities to match those in need with those who may be able to help. He enjoys connecting fellow philanthropists with nonprofits that meet their personal passions. Jeffrey doesn’t stop there–he uses his business expertise to then help those nonprofits engage smarter, organize better and grow their organization with meaningful advances.

Jeffrey’s passion for making a difference for those who are underserved, and his ability to connect others with their social responsibilities, have helped him find his place as the Montgomery County Connector.

“Philanthropy is how you change people’s lives”

Doris and Sanford Slavin knew the importance of charitable giving. They shared their commitment to Tzedakah, the Jewish word for charitable giving with their children. Inspired by his parents’ guidance and their strong moral values, Jeffrey learned very early the importance of helping others.

While still in school, Jeffrey worked with Councilmember Polly Shackleton, US Representative Gladys Spellman and the Legal Counsel for the Elderly. These experiences provided Jeffrey with a long-lasting commitment and understanding of the inequalities within his community.

As the current Co-Chair of the Sandford and Doris Foundation, the family foundation started by his parents, Jeffrey continues their important work.

His focus is on local needs because he understands the impact of local results in the greater Washington DC area. Not only does he work to meet the growing needs in his own community, but he also inspires and encourages his ever-growing network of fellow philanthropists to do the same.

As the elected Mayor of the Town of Somerset, Jeffrey encouraged, and succeeded in establishing the Town of Somerset Community Foundation. The foundation continues Jeffrey’s mission of providing opportunities for residents to contribute to charities on a local level.

His dedication and passion did not go unnoticed. In 2011, the Community Foundation for Montgomery County presented him with their Philanthropist of the Year Award.

Giving back to the community motivates Jeffrey everywhere he goes. Find out how you can help….

Jeffrey is in his 5th term as the elected Mayor of the Town of Somerset in Montgomery County, Maryland. Having previously, served on its Town Council, Jeffrey learned about the people he served and worked hard to engage residents and meet their needs.

A tireless activist, Jeffrey has been involved in the Democratic party for over four decades.

In his early years, he was a staffer for the late Congresswoman Gladys Noon Spellman of Prince George’s County, US Representative Gladys Spellman and the Legal Counsel for the Elderly.

Having worked on dozens of campaigns, Jeffrey was the first man appointed to sit on the board of the Women’s Campaign Fund and continues his longtime involvement as a member of the Majority Council for EMILY’s List.

He has been a Maryland Democratic Party officer since December 2014. Additional involvement has included: an appointment on the National Board of the Democratic Municipal Officials; an Obama delegate to the 2012 DNC Convention; a member of the Democratic Forum; the Women’s Democratic Club of Montgomery County; and an elected director of the African American Democratic Club of Montgomery County.

Jeffrey believes in the political process and knows that it works when residents participate.

Join Jeffrey by volunteering in your community. Let your passion connect you with a better tomorrow.

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